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    bug report: toolTipShown

    Fredrik Oviedo

      I get the following error randomly:
      Error invoking Java command (IncomingCommandHandler): toolTipShown
      No more handles
      when mouse hovering a timeline-element.

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          acath Level 4

          Hi Fredrik,


          I'm trying to reproduce this issue, and I have a few questions:



          1.  What OS, version of your OS, and verison of Catalyst are you running?

          2.  Do you have reliable steps to reproduce the error?

          3.  How does the error appear? As a pop-up dialog? In the error log? Somewhere else?




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            Fredrik Oviedo Level 1

            1. mac os x snow leopard 10.6.1


            2. Trying to reproduce the error but I'm failing. I'll try some more and get

            back if I find a way.


            3. it appears as a pop-up but it doesn't crash FC, though it tends to end

            abruptly a few moments later