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    Combining Two Projects

      I have a need to import one .cp file into an existing .cp file. Essentially merging to projects into one. Can this be done in a way that will allow me to have one consolidated project that I will be able to edit from beginning to end?

      Thank you
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Welcome to our community, Jay

          Yes, it's possible to combine projects. Keep in mind that projects DO have a certain size from the "number of total slides" perspective that is considered best practice. That magick number is typically between 50 - 65 (give or take and subject to all manner of interpretation). So if your new combined project will be way past that, you may wish to reconsider the approach.

          To combine, click File > Import > Slides/Objects and point at the other project.

          Also, it will keep things simpler if you have both projects sized identically.

          Cheers... Rick
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            Hi. I have a similar question, but my issue is that I have a quiz that is separate that I need to link to the original project. In other words, I have the original project that has its own quiz, but if the participant does not pass it, they must retake it. I cannot build it on the same project because I have had all sorts of issues take place. I was told that I should build another quiz that I can point to, but now I don't know how to link them together. Can someone help? Please keep in mind that this is all new to me, so I need step by step instructions. Thank you! Captivating 1
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              captivating1 Level 1
              Hi Rick. Not sure if I thanked you for your suggestion on combining two projects. Thanks. By the way, I did what you said and I got a message saying that the slides could not be imported. What now? Also, when you say to have both projects sized identically, what do you mean? One project is about 31 slides the other is 13 slides.

              Thanks again for your suggestions.

              Captivating 1
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                Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                Hi again

                If Captivate is balking at the Import, another approach would be to try opening two different instances of Captivate. Then select slides from one instance and copy them to the Windows clipboard. Switch to the other instance and paste.

                And if that were to fail for some reason, another tack may be to insert blank slides in one instance, then copy all the objects from one slide to the blank one.

                Hopefully this helps... Rick
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