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    Widows Registry PackageCode

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      we need to use the AIR autoupdate mechanism in an enterprise environment. Unfortunately the users who need to update the AIR app are not administrators and are therefore not allowed to update the app because they do not have admin priveleges.


      When the AIR app is installed a key is put in the windows registry of the form


      My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\Installer\Products\{productcode}


      where {productcode} is some sort of GUID that looks like 806445EE...


      It is possible to set up the users machine so that even though they do not have admin priveleges they can have permission to upgrade an app with a specific product code (the 806445EE... number above). However after doing the upgrade thae package code gets changed to a completely different, seemingly random and unrelated GUID, which means that the user (and therefore AIR auto update)  is once again prevented from updating the app in the future.


      Is there any way to prevent this package code from changing, or specifying one that we provide ourselves. Does this code change because we are using a self signed certificate?


      Please, somebody help me with this rather technical issue.