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    Problem with .exe files from Flash




      I have created a presentation in Flash, which consists of 6 separate files. Navigation buttons on each file, load a new file when clicked, so to all intents and purposes, it looks to the viewer like one integrated file when played as a presentation.


      The whole thing works beautifully when running from .swf files, but the client has requested .exe files to run on their PCs. I have saved the files as .exe files, but when these are tested on a PC, the first file opens and runs perfectly, but the navigation links do not load the new file - you are just faced with a white screen.


      I know all my Actionscript is fine, because as I say, it works perfectly when I test it on the Mac and it works perfectly on a PC when using .swf files (it opens in IE and uses the Flash Player plug-in). It's just the .exe files that are not working - is there anything I need to do to get this to work?


      Many thanks for any help.

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          PaulBill Level 1

          Looking around the internet, other people seem to have had similar problems, although I can't find a solution. The issue appears to be with the code that links to the next file. Just in case it helps anyone, this is the code that I have on the navigation buttons (let's say this is from movie_1 linking to movie_2).




          on(release) {

          loadMovieNum("movie_2.swf", 0);





          Works like a dream when using the .swf files (movie_1 is replaced on screen by movie-2), but won't link on a PC when using the .exe files. I'm sure the answer is in this small piece of code somewhere!