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    Export/Convert to h.264 results in jerky video in WMP


      System: Windows 7 Ultimate x64 EN


      In Premiere Pro CS4 and Adobe Media Encoder CS4 I have problems exporting video to h.264.


      Please download the sample file here:





        H.264 HDTV Testvideo (e.g. "01-TestVideo_Original_h264.MOV")

        Profile: 1920x1080 fps 30, square pixel, progressive



        For Testing purpose, just converting the original within the Adobe Media Encoder

        Profile: same as Source


      1) The original source file plays fine using any player, so the hardware of my test systems (3 computers) is ok


      2) When exporting the Video to H.264 (e.g. "02-TestVideo_Convert_h264.mp4") the resulting video is jerky in Windows Media Player and Quicktime


      3) Strange: When converting the jerky result video again (e.g. "03-TestVideo_ConvertAgain_wmv.wmv") , but now into WMV, it plays fine again


      Can anyone confirm this problem on his system?


      It seems to me that Windows Media Player and Quicktime enforce their own h.264 decoder which has problems playing Premiere Exports. VLC Media Player and the Adobe media player for example seems to have no problem at all.


      Any help is highly appreciated!


      Thank you