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    Css and TextFilter.HTML_FORMAT with TLF

    JAcques TRIPOZ Level 1

      Hi every body,


      I'm trying to import HTML into TLF with 'styled' paras, eg : <p class=Titre1>Titre</p>, using


      var newFlow:TextFlow = TextFilter.importToFlow("<p class=Titre1>Titre</p>", TextFilter.HTML_FORMAT);


      Everything's fine but... no style is applied, even if .Titre1 exists in the css that I've loaded.


          font-family:    "Arial, Helvetica, _sans";
          text-align:        "center";
          margin-top:        "10";
          margin-bottom:    "5";
          color:            "0x444444";
          font-weight:        "bold";
          fontStyle :     "roman";
          fontSize  :     "20";


      If I style the para once loaded in the TLF, and then export it to HTML, I get


      <html><body><p align="center"><b><Font size="20" face="Arial, Helvetica, _sans" color="#444444"><span>Titre</span></Font></b></p></body></html>


      Any idea welcome !