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    Error in Importing webservice via ActionScript


      Hi All

      This is regarding the Webservice via ActionScript (Import->Web Service) for Flex 3

      I am using the same method to import the webservice. The proxy classes are getting generated. I am using the following code for accessing the method:

         var myVar:Welcome = new Welcome();
         myVar.name = "shilpa";

          var myService:WelcomeNoteService = new WelcomeNoteService();


      Here Welcome is the function name in webservice (for which proxy class is generated) and WelcomeNoteService is the webservice name (for which proxy classes is also generated).

      When I try to access 
      public function handleResult(event:WelcomeResultEvent):void{
      event.result is coming as null.

      I have tried to debug also , but not able to find the error.