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    acrobat distiller 3 = small pdf  vs. distiller 6 = large pdf


      FYI:  windows xp pro

      using the trial version of pagemaker 7 last month i exported a very large document(A) to pdf and it came out to 6mb

      using the permanent version of pagemaker 7 this month i exported a much smaller document(B) to pdf and it came out to 16mb

      checked distiller job options and they're the same

      to test where this was happening i went back and exported (A) again and it came out much larger than originally

      the only difference i found between the small and large pdfs was in the pdf tab of properties - the smaller one is distiller 3 and the larger one is distiller 6. (i've included a snapshot)

      i don't remember downloading distiller 6, so i'm really not sure where distiller 3 went, but it's no longer on my computer.

      could distiller 6 be the culprit?


      NOTE:  had this posted on acrobat forum and received the following answer from bill:


      However, if you are using Export in PM, then you are not using Acrobat. You will need to ask in the PM forum about the processing there with the export.


      so now i'm a little bit more confused, but hopefully in the right forum.