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    Can't import/open HTML files in Fireworks CS4

    JVPhilly Level 1

      I'm trying to import/open HTML files into Fireworks CS4 to do some redesigning. I inherited the job of redoing my companies website and we believe the person who created our website created the site using Dreamweaver 8. Unfortunatley that person moved on to a new job across the country and we can't ask him exactly how he created our website.


      When I try to open some of the HTML files in FW I get the message: "Could not open the file....Fireworks could not find an HTML table in this file". Next I tried creating a new, very simple HTML page in Dreamweaver CS4 that contains just a few lines of text and 1graphic (we just bought the CS4 web suite). Again, I get the same error.


      Other files give me a slightly different error message when trying to open them in FW, "The HTML document contains one or more images with absolute web addresses for the source. Fireworks cannot handle these images. --click OK-- (next error message) Could not open the file. Fireworks has encountered a problem with the HTML in this table. Verify that the HTML is valid"... and then it closes and nothing loads into FW. Bummer.


      I've searched on these forums and can't find any solutions to this problem although I found a few people experiencing the same problem.


      Do I need to do something to the Dreamweaver created HTML's to get them to open in FW? Any help would be appreciated.

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          pixlor Level 4

          Fireworks is a graphics editor that can export code; it is not an HTML/code editor.


          If you have exported HTML from Fireworks, you ought to be able to re-import that, but I would think most people who use Fireworks exported code would just modify their Fireworks document and re-export. (Fireworks' code is not robust and it is only intended for mockups and prototypes. Fireworks is not intended for developing and maintaining live Web sites; Dreamweaver is.)


          If your developer used Dreamweaver, then I really don't expect that Fireworks would be able to import that, nor any code that isn't in exactly the format that it can export. If you know your developer used Fireworks, then you need to look for .png files. Fireworks uses an enhanced version of the PNG format for its native document format.



          If you are making small adjustments to your site, then you might be better off working in Dreamweaver. If you're doing a site re-design, then Fireworks is an excellent tool for laying out your design and producing your graphics, but you will, at some point, need to move over to Dreamweaver for coding.

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            JVPhilly Level 1

            Thanx for the quick response Pixlor. Maybe I should just take some screen shots of pages in our current site and then recreate them in Fireworks and then re-arrange them, enhance them, try new layouts, etc.I find Fireworks so much easier to use for design than Nightmare Weaver.

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              pixlor Level 4



              If you want to experiment with different layouts, then starting with some screen caps would be a good idea. You can import any existing images, though, so you don't have to slice or crop those out of screen caps. Fireworks and Dreamweaver are complementary: Fireworks is great for the layout and design work, Dreamweaver is great for coding, once you have your design ideas more or less set.


              If you come up against anything that you have questions about, post back, though. Very few questions here go unanswered.


              Good luck!