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    FLV image not sharp


      When outputting a FLV from Premiere Pro CS4 through the Export Settings, the video image of the FLV, when rendered through

      Media Encoder CS4, is not as sharp as the original video footage as seen in Premiere or Windows Media Player.  The aspect

      ratio (and size) has been maintained when setting up the parameters in the Export Settings. I usually use On2 VP6 as my

      codec but also tried Sorenson and got the same results.  My bandwidth setting is usually around 700 kpbs but jacking it up

      to 1,500 kpbs didn't help at all (which I didn't expect it to).  If I output the video from Premiere as an uncompressed AVI

      file and place the AVI file on the Flash timeline and produce the SWF file, the image is excellent.  It seems that the

      Media Encoder and/or codec are somehow causing this softening (defocusing) of the image.  Has anyone else experienced this?


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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          I haven't noticed a softening, but I wasn't getting the full image quality I wanted with .flv, so I switched to .f4v and I find the results better.

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            jpleong Level 1

            You may also want to check your graphics card settings. I had a soft-focus rendering problem once while using Ultra CS3 which I discovered was directly related to the Performance vs Quality settings in the ATi Catalyst Control Panel.



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              holografer Level 1

              I have done a  comparison between Premiere CS3 and Premiere CS4 generation of a FLV file and the FLV file from CS3 is sharp as a tack whereas the FLV file from CS4 is not as sharp and is softened (blurred).  All perimeters were kept the same between both softwares.  I guess there's no one else who's ran across this situation?