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    "HOME" link in the content window

    Solon Aquila Level 1


      Creating a CHM file using Robohelp, I set the TOC to generate automatically and even figured out how to make TOC books with sub-topics.


      I've gotten to the point where I'm generating layouts and checking my work. I find that in the content window, at the top, is a 'Home' link that seems to sort of show the 'path' to the document being viewed.


      When I started, I just dug in on the first topic and realize that I'd like a 'front' page that will open when the file is opened. That page should be the page linked to with the 'Home' link.


      So I made a new topic, put it at the top of the list, and find that the 'Home' links are all still pointing at the first topic and the file still opens with the first topic as the default content pane information.


      Is there a way to 'assign' which file will show in the content pane by default and to 'set' the home link to that file? I really don't want to have to start over...