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    Camera Raw 5.5 won't install


      I uninstalled and reinstalled Photoshop Extended CS4 on my Mac running Leopard (NOT Snow Leopard).  I went through the Adobe Updater to update my software, and it said it successfully updated my system to ACR 5.5, but it doesn't seem to have. Bridge says I've only got 5.3. Every time I run Adobe Updater it says it needs to update to ACR 5.5, and then says again that it successfully installed it. Bridge keeps saying I'm running 5.3 Additonally, when I go to edit an image in Photo shop from Lightroom, it keeps giving me the warning that I should update my ACR to 5.5.

      FYI - If I go to install ACR 5.4 it says it can't because a newer version is detected.

      Any ideas what's going on? Thanks for any help you can give.

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          mdrsteve Level 1

          I don't know what happened with my ACR, but since the unistall and reinstall didn't solve my Photoshop problem, I used Time Machine to reset my computer to before I messed with it.  Now I'm back to ACR 5.5 working....and off to the Photoshop forum

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            I recently upgraded from Elements 7 to Elements 8 and I could not get ACR 5.5 to work. ACR 5.5 is installed as part of the PSE8 install.

            I only got it to work when the Tech people at onOne software suggested that I update my video drivers. It now works a treat.


            kind regards