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    can't edit video preset anymore in premiere 8

    longstorey Level 1

      Just bought preelements8, started a new project, used change settings to select an appropraite preset for mpeg files, noticed that they were in fact upper filed first and that the default preset was lower field first, read manual, closed project opened new project went to change settings chose New preset to create custom preset changed it to upper field first and save the custom preset ( i can see the .epr file that it created in the presets/mpeg/dvd dir called "copy of PAL DVD Widescreen") so I know this was succsesfull. Now however if I want to open a new project and set up a new custom preset I can't do it i go new project, change settings, the default list of presets is there but there is no button or option called New preset anymore to change them and if I slect the one i modified last time i see that it seems to have picked up the fact that i changed the filed order as it is now upper filed first . if I then select it and gointo the project and go edit project setting general they are all grey and can't be changed, it seems like you get one go to change a preset and then the software locks you out for good on this. can anyone help