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    How can I create a lower bitrate setting in a project


      Hello to all I have appcs4 and I am wondering something....When I go to create a new project every option for 720p the frame rate is 23-30 and I can not find a way to choice a lower frame rate...I am looking to use a frame rate of 15, why well I went out and bought microsofts new cam the cinema one well it states that it shoots true 720p at 30fps lie its only shooting 15fps, but the picture looks great for what I need it for...When I view what I recorded in any media player it goes to true HD with no problems...Now I load it into appcs4 the picture jumps a little the sound off by about 2 seconds...Which I know why is because it is recorded at 15fps and appcs4 is playing it at a frame rate of 23-30...But there is no way of changing the frame rate on the 720p appcs4 for they are gray...I have even tried in elements 7 and encore...Am I missing something here or it just cant be done?

      Thanks for your time