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    ACRFREAK Level 1

      Does anyone know where I can go to get good descriptions of each of the DNG profiles that are in my ACR? 


      I have read Real World ACR and do not find them there, and have done some Google searches but still can not find anything.  Am I just missing something, or should the various descriptions of the profiles be readily available?

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          ACRFREAK Level 1

          Thanks Mad Man Chan, I will read through that encyclopedia.


          But even after my initial browsing, I still don't see a list that says:


          Adobe Standard does this (has these characteristics)...

          Camera Faithful does that...

          Camera Landscape does this...

          Camera Neutral does that...

          Camera Portrait does this...

          Camera Standard does that...


          Sorry, maybe I am in too much of a hurry?

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            ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            It would be interesting to hear Adobe's explanation about how they attempt to simulate a manufacturer's camera profile.


            On one hand the explanation might be something it seems you might be asking for:  "Camera Portrait optimizes the accuracy of flesh tones" or "Camera Landscape optimizes the accuracy of earth tones"


            But I suspect the answer is more process-related and although interesting, not that useful, unless the process can actually be done with the DNG Profile Editor. 


            I would guess Adobe does something like the following:


            "We shoot a RAW+JPG pair of a color-target (maybe the 24-patch color checker) in each of the various camera modes (vivid portrait neutral, faithful), then we measure the color values of an in-camera JPG in the AdobeRGB colorspace, then we use an in-house tool (perhaps similar to the DNG Profile Editor) to create a DNG Profile that minimizes the error between the color-target in-camera JPG color values and the ACR-developed RAW file and save that as a DNG Profile with the name of the camera-mode we shot it in."


            If this process can be done using a color-checker and the DNG Profile Editor, I'd like to see a tutorial, at least the steps in words.  The part I'm not sure about is how you get the in-camera JPG colors into the color-wheel control-points since it seems those have to come from a DNG not a JPG.

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              Jeff Schewe Level 5

              ACRFREAK wrote:


              Am I just missing something, or should the various descriptions of the profiles be readily available?


              If you want to know what the variously named profiles represent you need to read your camera's manual because that's where the names and the rendering come from. All of the vender rendering emulations are designed to simulate the various Nikon or Canon, etc. camera or software settings...all the DNG Profile does is emulate the rendering from the camera. So, check with your camera manual.

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                ACRFREAK Level 1

                That is helpful Jeff I'll check into that.  I don't recall those names with my Canon DSLR's but then again I never shoot JPEG's.


                Side note:  if it confuses me as a teacher of PS and ACR and I am in the category of a "top user" I wonder how the marketing in this area is going to go.  What I mean is: I know a ton of photographers who use ACR but don't know what the specific profiles are.  They just click on them and see a change to the image and wonder what is happening...  It seems the education may be slim in this department so far...  to the point where we have to go to Adobe forums to try to figure out what is going on.  This is not a criticism, but just a concern about getting the info out there. Once I get it, sure I will help those I know to get it as well.

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                  MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee

                  ACRFREAK, the description you want is on the FAQ, for Camera Matching profiles:




                  Adobe Standard is merely the default profile.


                  Effectively, the choices in profiles amount to different starting points for your edits. Practically speaking, you flip through them, find the one that looks best to you, and then go from there.



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                    MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee

                    The motivation behind the Camera Matching profiles is that some users wanted to be able to get similar color appearance to what the camera maker's own software was providing when processing the raw files.