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    Image compression & swf loaded by xml


      Hey there,


      i've some pb with a client's site. On one page of the full-flash site, images are being loaded by xml file to create a gallery.


      1st pb: the images are kinda pixelised, the size of the whole picture is ok but the quality is not as good as it should be. Check it out:


      http://www.wollner.com.br/ then -> "Coleções" then "Lookbook Feminino"


      This will load the 1st pic, and you'll see the pixelised effect. If you just resize a tiny bit your browser windo it'll instantly disapear to "clean" the picture.


      2nd pb: i have to switch images which are jpg to swf to insert a little interaction. I created the swf with the same picture in it and a tiny as2 code (onRollover/onRollOut) and changed the xml picture value to my new swf value. Loads the swf but actionscript intercation doesnt work. I tried to put a timeline animation to test and works when i directly load this small swf but when loaded in the whole site, the animation (a clip moving to the right) starts and automatically does a tween to alpha 0 and stops after a second, leaving the clip invisible and moved to the right and his visual still at the begining point.


      yeah that's pretty weird, hope my explanations are clear. I'd really appreciate some help there.


      thanks in advance.