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    Windows 7 great surprise


      I have installed Windows 7 Enterprise evaluation version on two machines (Dell multi-processor / Quadro FX card workstations) for testing. My colleague discovered that Windows Media Player plays MTS and M2T files NATIVELY!!!! They play full screen beautifully as well. Now you can preview BEFORE importing to see if you want to even use a given piece of footage. We have been on XP 64bit and it was like jumping to a whole new world.


      We can search footage easily, toss out junk and so on like never before. I sure wish I could do this on my Mac as easily.

      Premier Pro seems to be behaving really well, but I have seen After Effects have issues as it has before in XP. Locks up while it seems to be "thinking" for several minutes at a time (seems related to using dynamic links to Premier). It does start up faster however.

      Good bye XP!