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    DRM and Pocketpc


      Hello together,


      i´m sure that this questitions has been asked many times,

      when will there a solution to view DRM protected pdf files

      with pocketpc ( Adobe Reader LE 2.5 ) ????


      I recently bought some drm protected ebooks for business,

      i wanted to read them while i´m seating in a plane or just travelling.


      And what is the result, there is no possibility, because Adobe is waiting

      if the customers are going to complain. And if there will be enough customers

      make a complaint, then they will looking for a solution.


      Hey sorry, i´m working as a Qualitymanager, and everytime there was something

      that comes up with customersatisfaction...well, that behaviour of Adobe has nothing to

      do with customersatisfaction.


      So the questition, please everybody who is also interested in a solution, come up to that

      threat and ad a comment.


      Maybe that will help, still it is the wrong way for a company, but......


      Kindest regards