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    Captivate 4 Output to AVI

    JLRiley Level 1

      I have been working with the output to AVI files. I have been using projects that are image and text with no animations and a project that was a powerpoint with animations. When I tested the AVI output from the powerpoint with only a few slides it worked fine.Windows media played the file without any issues. This original file is 69 mg.


      I used the format of Indeo Video 5.10.


      When I completed the 9 slides with animation, it outputs the AVI file but the file is over 100 mg and windows media will not run the file. I used the same format as before. I then experimented with different video formats but the larger file does not play back in Windows Media Player.


      I have a project that I also imported from PPT with voice but no animation and it seems to do fine. The AVI file is 47 mg and it plays back in Windows Media Player.


      Is there a file size issue with Windows Media Player? I also have the program InterVideo WinDVD that plays these larger AVI files with no problem. I want to be able to have other people play this from YouTube or other places but am not sure they will be able to.


      Thanks for the help. Jeff Riley jriley@scad.edu