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    Problem with Elements 8.0 and a Canon SF10

    Miceal Zimmer Level 1

      Hi, I'm new to the forum and to Premiere Elements 8.0.


      I have a Canon Legria HF S10 camcorder. This is a full HD  (AVCHD). My computer's OS is Vista and its spec is reasonably above the minimum specs for Premiere Elements 8.0.


      I have successfully attached the Canon to the computer and it is recognised as a removable hard drive in "My Computer". The problem is that Elements 8.0 doesn't recognise it. In the Premiere Elements Organiser workspace I select the new project in the "filter by", then I select Get Media, then AVCHD but in both the standard and advanced dialogue windows the device is "none" and the same after " refresh list". I can't find any drivers on the DVDs that came with the Canon nor on the Canon or Adobe website.


      I'm aware of the option in Get Media to select PC files & folders but that is less straightforward than having Elements recognise the Canon.


      I'd be grateful if anyone can throw some light my way on this one.





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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          First, it's always helpful to know your computer specs more precisely. Never assume you've got plenty of power just because you've got more than the minimums. AVCHD video, for instance, often requires a quad core processor with 4 gigabytes of RAM.


          But, assuming you've got that kind of power, can you describe how you tried to access the video from the camcorder? Are you saying that you opened the Media Downloader by going to Get Media, AVCHD Camcorder?


          I'm not clear what you mean by "in both the standard and advanced dialogue windows the device is "none":


          And can you confirm that you can indeed browse into your camcorder's drive from Windows and that you can see your video files?


          BTW, make sure you've manually gone to Windows Update and downloaded all updates, including the non-critical ones. Also make sure you've got the latest version of Quicktime, which plays an important role in any video editing.


          The FAQ library to the side of this forum also offers suggestions for optimizing Vista for video editing.


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            Miceal Zimmer Level 1

            On My Computer the system details read as - Intel(R)Core(TM)2Duo CPU @

            3.06GHz 2.53GHz. Memory 4GB. System 32bit. Vista Home Premium. Hard Disk is



            I connect my camcorder to the PC with USB. The camcorder asks if the

            connection is to DVD burner or computer/printer. I select the latter. After

            a few moments the PC recognises the camcorder drives.

            Automatically the options to import by a program of choice appears. The

            option highlighted is not Premiere Elements but Photoshop Elements. If I

            select that it imports only jpg still images. Therefore, I don't select

            anything and cancel that window.


            Also installed is Imagemixer 3SE that came with the Canon and that is

            offered as an application to import with but I deselect that also.


            Next, on the desktop, I select the Premiere Elements icon to open the



            I then select "open project" to open a project I have already created but

            into which nothing has been imported.


            That opens the Organiser workspace in Premiere Elements. In "filter by" I

            select the name of the project. Then I select Get Media. In the selection

            that then opens I select "AVCHD or other hard disk/memory camcorder". The

            standard Media Downloader window opens with no device detected. I select

            advanced dialogue and that also shows no device detected. Refresh list has

            no effect.


            If in Get Media instead of "AVCHD or other hard disk/memory camcorder" I

            select "PC files and folders" I can then navigate to the camcorder hard

            drive to "add" the video files. They then appear in the Organiser. I save

            the project and close Premiere Elements. I disconnect the camcorder using

            safely disconnect hardware. However, if I re-open Premiere and open the

            project the files are not in the organiser because the application is

            looking for the Canon which is disconnected. The files have been "added" but

            not imported to any location on the C drive where Premiere Elements can find



            I have followed all of your recommendations as set out in your e-mail and

            the result was as before I had done so.


            I hope I have given you the information you required.


            Thank you for your assistance.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              When you select the option to Add PC Files and Folders, you are not actually moving the files from their original location. You are merely creating a link from the program to them. But, since those files remain on your camcorder, the minute you disconnect your camcorder the links are severed. That's why doing results in your having broken links.


              I'm surprised the Media Downloader is not recognizing your camcorder. I know of no reason it won't.


              So what happens if you browse into your camcorder from Windows Explorer -- i.e., opening Computer, then double-clicking on the connected device icon (which should be your camcorder). Can you browse to your video files this way? And does Windows indicate on this screen that this is a camcorder?


              We really need to do this to see if your computer is recognizing your camcorder as a camcorder.

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                Miceal Zimmer Level 1

                The Canon HF S10 has a built-in memory (32GB) and space for an optional

                memory card.


                When I connect the camcorder to the PC in My Computer it recognises two

                disks. The built-in memory is called "Canon (J) and is classed as a hard

                disk drive alongside the C drive. It shows the used and free space. It also

                sees the space for the absent memory card (not ever installed in the

                camcorder) as "Removable disk (I)" and classes it alongside "Device with

                removable storage".


                Double clicking on the icon for "Canon (J)" opens a window with two folders

                listed, one below the other. One is "AVCHD" and the other "MY_Music". Double

                clicking on AVCHD opens a window with two folders, "BDMV" & "CanonTHM".

                Double clicking CanonTHM opens a window with a small number of jpeg images

                which I recognise as being taken from various video images. I have not, to

                my knowledge, taken any photos with the camcorder though it is capable of

                taking video and photos simultaneously if that option is selected. I have

                not selected it.


                Double clicking BDMV opens a window with four folders. Double clicking one

                called "STREAM" opens a window which lists, by number, the video files. For

                each number there are two files listed.  One is an XMP file and, for each

                number, this is a constant 2KB. The second file with the number is an MTS

                and these are very large, varying in size reflecting the length of the video

                clip in question.


                At no stage in the above processes have I seen anything which indicates that

                the PC is recognising these as files in a camcorder or that Canon (J) is a


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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  I'm not sure what's up, Miceal. If your camcorder was being recognized as a camcorder or image device, Premiere Elements' Media Downloader should be able to access it and download the files.


                  Hopefully someone else who has worked with a similar cam can offer some insight.

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                    Miceal Zimmer Level 1



                    I have a bad feeling that this may an indication of a real problem between

                    The Adobe software and the new Canon range of HD camcorders. I see that

                    "Deadeyeal" had a thread going about the same recognition problem in

                    Premiere Elements 7.0 and a Canon Vixia HG20. His question was "Problem

                    with Adobe Element 7.0.


                    If I'm right this one will probably run until the guys & gals in Adobe pick

                    up on it. In that case it's going to be 9.0 or 10.0 before we see the fix. I

                    really want to be wrong on this but can see any other answer.


                    In the meantime all I can do is copy files from the camcorder to a location

                    on the PC and import into Elements from that.


                    On that procedure, can you advise me if I only need to import the MTS file

                    or if I should also import the XMP file to Elements?


                    Thanks for trying to help out. Much appreciated. It makes it less lonely out


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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      The MTS files are all you need, Miceal.


                      Meantime, if you're interested in not being so lonely, a number of regulars from this forum set up an online community of videomakers, with a focus on Premiere Elements, at http://Muvipix.com.


                      There you'll find a very friendly forum of helpful people as well as lots of tips, tutorials, DVD menu templates, motion backgrounds and licensed music. Some of it is by subscription, but there's an awful lot free there too.


                      And the forum is always free! It's a great place to ask questions and make new friends.

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                        Miceal Zimmer Level 1

                        Almost giving up on this one but I have a final question about my



                        I'm wondering if I have a problem with it. Originally I had downloaded the

                        trial. I played around with it and made more than a few mistakes. When I

                        finally went out and bought the box I uninstalled the trial and then deleted

                        all the files left behind that contained anything like projects & so on.


                        No, I'm sorry but I can't remember if I had the current recognition problem!


                        If I go to the Organiser workspace in PRE 8.0 and from the toolbar at the

                        top of the screen go to Edit>Project Settings>Capture Format> all I get in

                        the drop down window there is DV, HDM or WDM.


                        Is that correct? I'm wondering if AVCHD should not also been offered?


                        Is that an issue?


                        Once again, thanks for your help. Thanks too for the pointer to Muvipix.

                        I'll follow that up too.

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                          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                          If you've got version 7 or 8 installed on your computer, you should definitely have a project preset for AVCHD, Miceal. In fact, you should have a couple of them!

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                            Miceal Zimmer Level 1

                            Steve, yes, I've got a few AVCHD presets when I am creating the project. I

                            always select one of them. It's when I go to check the projects settings

                            under Edit in the Organiser that there is no mention of AVCHD.


                            I've also made sure that in the device capture options the device described

                            as being connected using USB.


                            Since you sent your reply I uninstalled my purchased version and downloaded

                            the trial version and found exactly the same problem.


                            But what has surprised me is the call I got yesterday from the company that

                            supplied my Canon camera and the PRE software. They said that they had

                            tested one each of new AVCHD models from Canon, Sony and Panasonic and had

                            the same problem. They confirmed the OS of the PC used was Vista. They're

                            wondering if PRE 8.0 actually only looks for an AVCHD device expecting it to

                            be connected by Firewire, the people in Adobe having slipped up on this

                            aspect of AVCHD?


                            I've also noted in the little "Getting Started with PRE 8.0" that came in

                            the box that on page 11 under "Use Video Capture Device" it talks of

                            capturing "...directly from a DV or HDV camcorder, webcam or other WDM..".

                            There's no mention of an AVCHD device. Just wondering why no mention of it?

                            Could it reflect the same oversight?


                            So, I've given up on this one and gone down the route of copying the files

                            in camera to a location on my PC. Then in PRE 8.0 "Getting Media" I import

                            them from there under "PC files & folders.


                            I was getting overly focused on this issue and resolving it had almost

                            become an end in itself when what I really want to do is take good videos

                            and learn how to edit them!


                            I'm going to keep watching the forums though.


                            I'm really grateful for the way you keep coming back trying to help me on my


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                              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                              I'm still not quite sure what's up Miceal. AVCHD should indeed show up in the Media Downloader when the camcorder is attached by USB.


                              But, oh well. If using Windows Explorer to move and browse to the files works, at least you've got a workaround until (if?) we do figure out what's up.


                              Happy moviemaking!

                              • 12. Re: Problem with Elements 8.0 and a Canon SF10
                                Miceal Zimmer Level 1

                                Adobe support has advised that PrE 8.0 does not support the Canon HF S10 and that's why it's not recognised in Media Downloader.


                                My question is answered but not in the way I had hoped.

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                                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                                  Can you use the Canon Browser to transfer the files from the camera to the computer?


                                  Then, you could possibly use Get Media>Folders & Files to Import into PrE 8.


                                  Good luck,



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                                    MissMoppett Level 1

                                    I am having identical problem with Legria HFS10 bought yesterday EXCEPT that it replaces a Canon HG10 that is also AVCHD, only difference is that HG10 is HDD, while HFS10 is flash mem. We also differ in that I am using, and intend to remain so, with Pre 7. I also am using XP. I had no problems with HG10. It seems there is no solution.

                                    • 15. Re: Problem with Elements 8.0 and a Canon SF10
                                      Miceal Zimmer Level 1

                                      It would seem Adobe have no interest in resolving this issue. As you will

                                      have seen from my earlier post Adobe confirmed to me that they "did not

                                      support the Canon HF S10"". Shortly after I received that reply I returned

                                      to my case on their support site to see that the case had "been withdrawn".

                                      Well not by me. So I'm afraid there seems little point in awaiting any

                                      resolution with Adobe.


                                      It's all the more surprising when one knows that the US version of the

                                      successor to the Legria HF S10, the Vixia HF S11, has been declared the

                                      "Best Memory Card Camcorder of 2009" by Videomaker, the US magazine.


                                      Canon had no interest in this either when I drew their attention to the

                                      problem, simply saying it was an Adobe issue. They didn't seem to appreciate

                                      that the whole point of spending major money on their top of the range

                                      camcorder was to be able to use it as intended with the major consumer

                                      editing software.


                                      I'm afraid to say that I gave up on both Adobe and Canon. I off-loaded my

                                      SF10 (lucky to take almost no loss on it) and reverted to my old Sony DV

                                      which has worked without any issues.


                                      If it's any consolation to you the workaround that does work is to accept

                                      that your PC will still recognise the SF10 as an external HD. I created a

                                      folder on my desktop for all of my SF10 files. Within that I created a

                                      sub-folder for each set of files that related to a single project. In the

                                      task panel in Pre8 (7 too?) I pointed to the sub-folder for the project I

                                      was creating and Elements worked more or less as planned from then.


                                      If you're working with XP you should have no hardware issues. I had Windows

                                      7 with PRE 8 and a high end GeForce graphics card. There were conflicts

                                      between PrE8 & the graphics card. Apparently these are known issues as yet



                                      All that said, the SF10 is a superb camcorder. Using the x1.7 digital zoom

                                      (no loss of image quality) & a bean bag I got (for me) some lovely clips of

                                      herons, little egrets & others.


                                      Good luck.

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                                        MissMoppett Level 1

                                        Am most grateful for that advice. Seems incredible that there must be thousands of Legria users with a growing number of Prem users but we two seem to be the only ones bothered?

                                        • 17. Re: Problem with Elements 8.0 and a Canon SF10
                                          MissMoppett Level 1

                                          Most grateful. You may very well be right re throwing in the towel, but

                                          I've emailed strong missives off to Adobe and Canon. Watch this, or

                                          that, space.

                                          • 18. Re: Problem with Elements 8.0 and a Canon SF10
                                            Miceal Zimmer Level 1

                                            There is one thing I didn't point out about the workaround. As you know a

                                            project in PrE simply looks to the location of the relevant files to open.

                                            It will only look to the location to which it was directed on the first

                                            creation of the project. Change that location after creating a project and

                                            PrE will not know where to look.


                                            Once you have created a project you must not subsequently move the folder to

                                            which PrE will look each time you open it. On my first "run" I had

                                            accidentally saved the SF10 files intended for a new project to a folder of

                                            their own on the desktop. I then created the new project in PrE, pointing it

                                            to that folder. I then realised I had not saved the files to a sub-folder

                                            within my main SF10 folder on the desktop. So, I moved those new project

                                            files into the SF10 main folder. When I next tried to restart the project

                                            PrE couldn't find the files. Once I restored them to the folder of their own

                                            on the desktop PrE found them.


                                            Good luck.

                                            • 19. Re: Problem with Elements 8.0 and a Canon SF10
                                              MissMoppett Level 1

                                              Many thanks again. Still seems crazy that WE have to sort out what

                                              should be their problem. I wonder if Mr Ford would let us fiddle around

                                              next time we bought a motor just to get it out of the garage?

                                              • 20. Re: Problem with Elements 8.0 and a Canon SF10

                                                Elements and Premiere Pro do not work for the devices that they do not recognize - case in point, the Canon Vixia HFS10.  This is one of the best camcorders on the market today.  Many have complained to Adobe and Canon but none have received assistance.  The camcorder is not supported (officially noted). 

                                                • 21. Re: Problem with Elements 8.0 and a Canon SF10
                                                  MissMoppett Level 1

                                                  I have vaguely got round this by 1) establish a new folder within Home

                                                  Movies with the title I want (2) Using the supplied CD Image Mixer check

                                                  "Preferences" and navigate to the new folder (3) Upload files to this.

                                                  (4) Open up Premier Elements 7, "Get Media" and browse to this folder.

                                                  This works but it's still not as simple as it should be.

                                                  • 22. Re: Problem with Elements 8.0 and a Canon SF10

                                                    This thread (and the other on the same topic) just saved me a few hours angst. I just purchased an HF-S10 and was looking for video editing software to go with it. I'd narrowed it down to PE8 and Cyberlink Powerdirector 8. I preferred the thought of the Adobe product - I use a bunch of their software but seeing this thread has made me pause for thought. Especially as the Canon HF-S10 is explicitly listed as a supported product for Powerdirector (http://www.cyberlink.com/products/powerdirector/requirements_en_US.html).

                                                    Thanks to those who contributed to this thread before I got here and boo to Adobe for simply stating "it's not supported".

                                                    • 23. Re: Problem with Elements 8.0 and a Canon SF10
                                                      Miceal Zimmer Level 1

                                                      It's great to see a video editing software product clearly state what

                                                      camcorders it supports! So simple. So obvious. How refreshing.

                                                      • 24. Re: Problem with Elements 8.0 and a Canon SF10
                                                        MissMoppett Level 1

                                                        But is it any good? I've never heard of PowerDirector 8. They don't seem to offer a free trial. Has anyone used it?

                                                        • 25. Re: Problem with Elements 8.0 and a Canon SF10
                                                          chrisell99 Level 1

                                                          It's always reviewed as the alternative to APE8. I've seen three reviews where it actually beat it out for first place. If you look for "top 10" reviews, CyberDirector is always in the top three along with Adobe. For example this site rates it better than Adobe: http://video-editing-software-review.toptenreviews.com/


                                                          There's a free trial here :http://www.cyberlink.com/downloads/trials/index_en_US.html


                                                          I'm going to give it a whirl this weekend :-)

                                                          • 26. Re: Problem with Elements 8.0 and a Canon SF10
                                                            WAHunt3 Level 1

                                                            I have an older version of CyberlLink PowerDirector, and I use it as a converter for some files that have unique CODEC's. I find the interface rather clunky, but you must remember that my version is several generations ago, so things like very likely changed. Also remember that I use PrPro, and love its interface, so I also find PrE 4 clunky in many respects, i.e. I am not the ideal person to talk of interfaces between non-PrPro NLE's!


                                                            I also use Magix MovieEdit Pro, pretty much as I do, the CyberLink product. I would not want to edit a large Project in either, but that is me. I do find, however, that all of these are far superior to WMM, which I tend to shy totally away from.


                                                            Glad that you got a link to the trial. That is the best way to decide for yourself. Over the decades, I have found reviewers to be heavily biased, and their reviews reflect that. Also, too many take up some mantra, railing for some feature. When it finally gets added, they then chastise the developer for "messing things up," even when the change was the one that they campaigned for over the years. I also find that especially with video and still image editing, few reviewers have enough knowledge of the subject, and are more suited to reviewing a contact manager, or a wordprocessor. Not all, but too many. It's the exact same with people, who review and rate wines. The reader must first know their palate, and their biases, to find anything useful in a review.


                                                            Good luck,



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                                                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                              Just to be clear, I posted above, but the Adobe forum software switched me in mid-post.



                                                              • 28. Re: Problem with Elements 8.0 and a Canon SF10
                                                                MissMoppett Level 1

                                                                Re reviews: you may well be right, but look up "Trusted Reviews" and you'll see seven comments, none helpful. Eg: On the face of it, this is an excellent program but in reality it has  numerous bugs and problems. It crashes regularly and things don't work  as they say they should.
                                                                What is worse, tech support seems to ignore you if their first  suggestions don't fix the problem - and their suggestions seem much the  same for all problems.
                                                                When it works it does an excellent job but be prepared for much  heartache on the way.....


                                                                Can't someone, somewhere produce a stable, bug-free editing programme? How many millions of camcorders are out there now?

                                                                • 29. Re: Problem with Elements 8.0 and a Canon SF10
                                                                  the_wine_snob Level 9
                                                                  Can't someone, somewhere produce a stable, bug-free editing programme?


                                                                  For me, that program has been PrPro 2.0 in the CS2 Production Studio. It worked out of the box, and still does, many years later. Over about 5 years, I have had fewer than 6 crashes, and most of those were due to OE on my part. Now, it's getting long in the tooth, and does not natively handle some of the newer CODEC's, without extra work, so even if someone could find it available, it might not fill their needs.



                                                                  • 30. Re: Problem with Elements 8.0 and a Canon SF10
                                                                    chrisell99 Level 1

                                                                    So I have a question then - if I can get the AVCHD files off my camcorder and store them on my hard drive using the drivers and software that come with it, will APE8 read the files off the hard drive? ie. does it not recognise the camcorder, or does it not recognise the video files themselves?

                                                                    • 31. Re: Problem with Elements 8.0 and a Canon SF10
                                                                      MissMoppett Level 1

                                                                      I'm still on PE7 and going on the Forums I'll wait till PE9, if I don't migrate somewhere else. So PE7 doesn't recognise my Canon HFS10 (AVCHD) which is why I extract using the supplied disc (Image Mixer 3) to download to a new folder within "Home Movies". I then open up PE7, set up New Project using the same name, navigate with "Get Media" to the folder. The difficulty lies in where I may shoot two separate projects that I am working in then return to the office. Image Mixer won't differentiate: I just have to grab all the clips to upload to C drive. Not nearly as sraightforward as if PE7 would recognise the camcorder. Hope this helps.

                                                                      • 32. Re: Problem with Elements 8.0 and a Canon SF10
                                                                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                                        The Capture function is just for minDV tape. For Flash Memory recording devices, you just Copy over the AV files and then Import those into an appropriate Project for editing.


                                                                        Good luck,



                                                                        • 33. Re: Problem with Elements 8.0 and a Canon SF10
                                                                          Miceal Zimmer Level 1

                                                                          I had the Canon HF S10 and PRE8. PRE8 does not support the S10(Adobe

                                                                          confirmed this to me). So, it doesn't see the SF10, or most other flash

                                                                          memory camcorders. In "Get Media" the AVCH icon doesn't bring you to the

                                                                          camcorder. So, at that point you're at a dead end.


                                                                          However, your PC will recognise the camcorder as an ordinary external hard

                                                                          drive. So, you have got the essence of the solution in what you say. PRE8

                                                                          has no problem recognising the AVCHD files IF they are on the hard drive.

                                                                          Don't make the mistake I did for a time and get too hung up on the fact that

                                                                          PRE8 doesn't recognise your flash memory camcorder. You know it should.

                                                                          You've got a top of the range super camcorder and this stupid software

                                                                          doesn't recognise it! The real issue, really, is how to get the AVCHD files

                                                                          to a location that PRE8 can recognise them? Get that sorted and PRE8 will

                                                                          work absolutely fine with them.


                                                                          Note, I'm not saying PRE8 doesn't have other issues but this one, at least,

                                                                          is easy to work around. And Adobe should be ashamed of themselves that their

                                                                          most recent software doesn't recognise the new breed of AVCHD flash memory



                                                                          Using the camcorder simply as an external hard drive, copy the AVCHD files

                                                                          from it to a folder on the C drive of your PC. If you have files for more

                                                                          than one project on the camcorder first create a folder on your PC for each

                                                                          project. To keep my desktop tidy I created a main folder which I called "SF

                                                                          10 files". Within that main folder I created sub-folders for each video

                                                                          project that I wanted to create in PRE8. Then, I copied the files for that

                                                                          project alone from the camcorder to the relevant project folder.


                                                                          Once you have created your project in PRE8 go to "get media", select "PC

                                                                          files & folders" and point to the folder containing the AVCHD files you want

                                                                          to use for the project. PRE8 will recognise them OK. Use them to create your

                                                                          project and save it. From that point PRE8 performs as intended with your

                                                                          AVCHD files. Do remember, however, when creating you project to get your

                                                                          settings right for Full HD 1920 x 1080i, AVCHD and others. If you get that

                                                                          wrong at the start scrap the project & start again because you can't change

                                                                          the settings.


                                                                          One other most important thing too; don't move the folder that contains the

                                                                          project files once you have created and saved the project in PRE8. If you do

                                                                          PRE8 won't be able to find the files next time you open the saved project.

                                                                          If you move it accidentally just put it back where it was and PRE8 will be

                                                                          back in business on that project.


                                                                          I did all of the above with my S10 and it worked absolutely fine.


                                                                          I hope this helps. It would be great if Adobe fixed all this in PRE9.

                                                                          Unfortunately, as others in this forum may agree, it seems they are not

                                                                          listening to us.

                                                                          • 34. Re: Problem with Elements 8.0 and a Canon SF10
                                                                            chrisell99 Level 1

                                                                            Micael - that's good information - thanks. I'll d/l the trial version and give it a try.

                                                                            • 35. Re: Problem with Elements 8.0 and a Canon SF10
                                                                              chrisell99 Level 1

                                                                              Grrrrrrr. Ok - how do I download the trial without using the Adobe Download manager? I don't need another piece of semi-automated install-ware on my

                                                                              machine. This is exactly the sort of stupidity that would make me not buy a product. Not to mention it doesn't work in Firefox and it crashes IE.


                                                                              Just give me a download link - I'm a grown-up - I don't need a silly installer to pollute my machine. Especially one that doesn't work!

                                                                              • 37. Re: Problem with Elements 8.0 and a Canon SF10
                                                                                nealeh Level 5

                                                                                Don't forget the additional material download as well (and if you find a direct link please post it here).


                                                                                Insanity is hereditary, you get it from your children

                                                                                • 38. Re: Problem with Elements 8.0 and a Canon SF10
                                                                                  MissMoppett Level 1

                                                                                  This is getting weird. Afficionados of this lengthy correspondence will think it's been cracked. I have been using Image Mixer3 (supplied disc from Canon) to transfer files from camcorder to new folder then "Get Media" from within Prem 7 (in my case). Realising that I could just use Window Explorer (it's a flash memory camcorder) I did, BUT now find that I lose the timecode. I just get file 00001 etc.

                                                                                  Any logic to this?

                                                                                  • 39. Re: Problem with Elements 8.0 and a Canon SF10
                                                                                    chrisell99 Level 1

                                                                                    That's certainly weird - I'm able to copy using Windows explorer and I just see the MTS files with the timecode embedded in the filename - they copy just like any ordinary file.

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