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    the arrow keys on my keyboard stop functioning . . .


      After functioning for a period of time during a session, the arrow keys on my keyboard stop functioning, as if my fingers had accidentally hit a toggle key, turning off the arrow keys as well as Page Up and Page Down keys and other Shortcut Keys.    

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          It seems to be a little more complicated than previous posts show. When holding the down arrow key pressed doesn't seem to produce an effect, it actually does, as can be seen when restarting the application. The last page viewed will be centered in the view, but at a location that seems to be affected by the amount of time the down arrow key was pressed before exiting the application.


          It therefore seems to be a problem in the drawing part of the application, as the internal reference to which section of the page is shown on the screen is correctly updated.





          PS. I am using DE 1.7 on Win XP professional.