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    GeorgeWS Level 1

      I am using the AdvancedDataGridRendererProvider, I made a SummaryRenderer to use to populate the AdvancedDataGridRendererProvider. I cannot get at the data though. I am doing this:


      override public function set data (value:Object):void


      super.data = value;

      rowLabel.htmlText = ?



      The ? mark is where I have been trying different things like:


      parentDocument.myWine                                        (myWine is the ArrayCollection) this shows all the records

      data.REMA2W                                                       (REMA2W is a description) this does nothing

      value.REMA2W                                                      (like the examples) this does nothing

      parentDocument.myWine.getItemsAt(i).REMA2W     (I have a loop) This shows one of the descriptions but just repeates it for all records in the ADG - BUT If I use an Alert.show(parentDocument.myWine.getItemsAt(i).REMA2W) It looks like its perfect there is a Alert for each record and they all have different descriptions.


      Is there another way of getting at the data I dont know about? I have been at this for more than a week.