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    AIR Badge - Publisher ID Problem?


      In order to check if an AIR application is installed (using the ProductManager class) I have to use the publisher ID contained in the application's "META-INF/AIR/publisherid" file, not the publisher ID defined in the code signing certificate used to publish the application.air install file.


      Is that expected behaviour or is there a problem with the AIR runtime (

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          Joe ... Ward Level 4

          The publisher ID is derived from the signing certificate distinguished name, but also incorporates the distinguished names of the other certs in the chain. So, yes, this is the expected behavior.

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            HI Guys,


            Thanks for holding this discussion.


            I need your help with regards to signing, certificates renewal and publisher id.


            Our team is working on a serious AIR app out there, having a considerable install base. We've now renewed our certificate for the second time, but this time the compiler would generate a different publisher ID. How could that possibly happen, anyone any idea?


            Please note, that we've already done that before, we're completely aware that publisher id is generated based on details in the certificate. We also had to renew the previous certificate a couple of times, because different details was causing a different publisher ID. It is totally confirmed that all the details in the current certificate are exactly the same, all of them. But still, the publisher ID is different and that is a nightmare. I'll can share other more complicated explorations further on in the discussion, but this is the first question that needs to be answered.


            I'm also posting this is another relevant thread:



            Please reply.


            Kind Regards

            Stefan Yotov