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    Flash Catalyst needs refining


      After using Flash Catalyst, I think it is an absolutely brilliant program. But, it doesn't function very well on my HP G5000, as it uses quite alot of memory when running. It begins to slow down quite early on when I have too many Scenes/Pages with quite alot of transitions. Also, I think that the Flash Builder and Catalyst should be integrated, as when I tried to test my Catalsyt I got some code error, which I needed to change. So i did so in Flash Builder, but then when I came back to open it up in Catalyst, it no longer would open.

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          I've had the same code error when publishing a few times, for me it was something about the Main.css file missing? Something like that.. Sorry no solutions, i reinstalled FC beta 2 and restarted, no issues with that so far. (1 day now.)

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            acath Level 4

            If you guys can reproduce this issue, please let us know. Catalyst should never create code with errors - if it does, that's a bug.



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              abracadevin Level 1

              I cannot consistently recreate it unfortunately. I do think it's a bug though, just haven't narrowed it down to what's creating it. It seems to me after creating multiple button instances inside custom component, it randomly decides to create the error. I'll document what I do in the next few days and see if I can see a pattern to help narrow down the issue


              Thanks for your response Adam!

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                abracadevin Level 1

                Hey Adam... I was just presenting this morning and I got the same error... not sure why. Attached 2 screenshots, 1 of the code, 1 of the alert error. Let me know if there is anything else I need to get for you. Running Catalyst Beta 2 on OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.1


                Thanks for your help and for all the hard work so far


                Flash Catalyst.png

                Flash Catalyst 2.png