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    How to adjust audio in PPRo CS2?


      I have a number of MP3 files that will play just fine anywhere else but in PPro or Audition.  I have tried to convert them to both WAV or WMA files and still have the same issue.  The issue is that somehow the files amplitude(?) is getting cranked way up and they sound very distorted.  On the screen the waveform is absolutely maxed out from top edge to bottom edge and the volume is much higher that any other clips that are being used.  I've created and imported a background audio clip from SonicFire as well as importing other WAV files and they all play just fine and their waveforms look completely normal.  I am stymied as to why this is happening and would very much appreciate any advice.  Thanks in advance!

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          MP3's can cause many problems. First, they are heavily compressed, and not just in the encoding aspect, but also frequencies.


          Now, I have not had any real issues with Audition and MP3's, but it sounds like your's are quite hot. I'm not a fan of Normalize, but this might be a good time to use it, setting the Normalization to -6db. Is it possible to go back to before the MP3 compression? This would be my first choice.


          I try to avoid MP3's at all costs, except for tiny SFX files. All MP3 music sounds very thin and devoid of too many frequencies to me, especially below about 250Hz. I do not like it at all, but that's just me.


          Good luck,



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            adrefs Level 1

            Thanks for taking all that time to respond. I was able to reduce their 

            amplitude in Audition, save them as WAV files and then import them 

            into PPRo. All is well now...perhaps a glass of Zinfandel is in order, 




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