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    Trouble moving a motion tween

    Rothrock Level 5

      Still getting used to the new tweens. And I have a question.


      Let's say I have a tween that is just some small transparent thing zooming up in scale and alpha. Then I decide I would like to move the whole thing from where I built it to a different location on the stage. How do I do that?


      If there is no change in position it seems that I can select the first frame of the tween and use the selection tool to move the whole thing.


      If there is a big change in position I can can used the direct selection tool to select the motion path at any point and drag it around.


      But what if I have just a tiny little motion in there? Neither seems to work.


      After right-clicking and selecting to clear the keyframes for postion I was able to get it working again like it should. The original position change was most likely an error that I didn't notice as I was building the tween. But it was so small that I couldn't even see the path when zoomed all the way in.


      Does anybody else have any ideas or experience with this? Is there a better way?

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          jendehaan Level 4

          Hi there,


          This is something we do want to improve, we know it's awkward. It's sort of the "benefit" of auto-keyframing making this particular case when you have a very tiny motion path difficult.


          There are two ways of doing it:

          You can marquee select around the entire object. This should also end up selecting the (tiny) motion path and move it.

          The second way is to use the "X" and Y" values for the path itself in the Motion PI to move the path.

          Oh, and another way is to zoom in to see the path and select it (marquee selection is typically easier).


          Hope this helps,


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            Rothrock Level 5

            Thanks Jen. I was hoping you would come along.


            Thanks for the marquee idea. I didn't figure that one out.


            I'm sure what you mean by using the x and y values in the Motion PI. Can you explain that a bit further?


            The zooming in was one I had figured out, but the one that brought this whole thing on you couldn't see the path even when zoomed to 2000%.

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              jendehaan Level 4



              For changing the x, y properties in theMotion PI: Select the motion tween span in the timeline (the other way is to select the path - but that's not easily possible in this case!), and then the PI updates to show info about the tween itself. There's a section in there for the Path, including it's X and Y location that you can use to move it without affecting the animation.


              And if you don't want the path in there at all, you could do this instead: In the motion editor either reset "Basic motion" (arrow button) or the X and Y properties (right-click in graph, reset property). That will remove the path. Then you can just put the playhead at the beginning of the span, and move the instance to a new spot on the stage.


              Hope this helps!