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    Flex application doesn't play audio consistently in Windows 7


      Our company has a Flex application (3.0.2) that is having a problem with audio dropping out in Windows 7.  The problem appears worse with a wireless connection, but it can’t be consistently reproduced there, either.  The only thing known for sure is that the problem has not been seen on any other version of Windows.


      The application thinks the audio is playing, because it is calling the appropriate event listeners triggered when the audio completes and when any audio cue points are hit.  The majority of our audio is streaming via Flash Media Server (3,0,2,201), but the problem was also seen using embedded sound effects.  In one instance, several clicks of a button triggered an error saying the sound effect could not be loaded, and then about a minute later, all the sound effects played at once and the user could then continue with the application.


      The problem has been repeated in IE 8, Firefox 3 and Chrome.