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    What is the recommended approach to create XML input for forms service



          As part of our development project, we need to retrieve data (eg. Policy details) from different modules and using this data we need to generate PDF document using a particular template (what we have uploaded to live cycle)


      Solution we have tried:


      We have created Java classes from XSD (for a particular template) using JAXB complier. Using these Java classes we instantiated all the parameters using data from different modules and got XML after marshalling. We send this XML as a byte array to forms service to get PDF. No issues in this context.


      After displaying the PDF, under writer will modify some of the data and submit back to the application. Application again uses forms service to retrieve XML back as a byte array. This is where we had issues. We tried un-marshalling using same JAXB classes but we are loosing data for all the rich text fields.


      Can you please guide us to handle this issue ASAP, because we are completely stuck in the development stage. We really appreciate if some one can respond to this issue.


      Thank you

      Srini P