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    Form validation problem: KT_getRealValue: Unknown method: KT_Insert1.


      Hi, I am using Dreamweaver Cs4 with ADDT 1.0.1.


        Whenever I use the Insert Record Form Wizard to create a form on a .cfm page and then I try to preview the page on my local testing server, instead of my page I get:


      Unknown method: KT_Insert1. 

      and the debug info shows:

      - MissingInclude Exception - in
      : line 36
       Could not find the included template ../../../resources/tNG_FormValidation_pro.res.cfm.



      I have checked, and there is no




      file anywhere in my includes and I have uploaded all the includes files from the Update Incudes Files diag of the ADDT Control Panel.



      I'd appreciate any suggestions.

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          I have the same problem after moving from CF8 to CF9.  Nothing was changed on the site but I now get this error.  Does anyone have any ideas?




          Unknown method: KT_Insert1.


          Unknown method: KT_Update1.

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            Did anybody figure this out.  I have a very similiar problem I installed ADDT for Dreamweaver CS3  and I have never gotten the login script to work.  After setting up the  eclipse PDT and debugging the problem is no "includes/resources/tNG_FormValidation_pro.res.php" this is generated from:


            line 37








            I guess untill I hear different I'm just going to create the file and include tNG_FormValidation.res.php and hope things work!

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              jlig Level 1

              These are the steps to get ADDT to work with CF9..

              (see this thread for full details: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/631950)


              To get ADDT to work with CF9:


              #1 - In file




              Change the order of the arguments at about line 20:

              Replace original files with this text:


              <cffunction name="Trigger_Default_Starter">

              <cfargument name="tNG" required="yes">

                  <!--- changed the order of these to make it work in CF9 --->

              <cfargument name="reference" required="yes">

                  <cfargument name="method" type="string" required="yes">




              #2 - In file:




              about line 188 find:


              <cffunction name="KT_escapeJS" access="public" output="no">


              change the    type="any"

              <cfargument name="value" type="any" required="yes">


              Add this line:

                  <cfset value = tostring(value)>




              #3 - ADDT with CF9 update 1


              In file: includes/common/KT_functions.inc.cfm


              change: the following line found at about line 1710


              <cfset datasource = factory.DataSourceService.getDatasources()>

              to this      

                      <cfset datasource = CreateObject("java","coldfusion.server.DataSourceService")>


              #4 - Change local to localvar


              Do a  search and replace in the ADDT files for all variables starting with  "local" and simply replace it with "localVar" or anything you want but  not "local" as in CF9 it is a new scope so it cannot be used as the name of a structure or array.


              #5 - Add the following to the application.cfm page


                  <!--- Set the database type here. For mysql replace with "mysql",

              for msaccess replace with "msaccessjet"          --->

              <cfset Request.KT_dataDbType = "mysql">