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    Times new roman substitutes with Arial

    Jugemon76 Level 1

      Robohelp for Word version 7.03.001 and Office 2007
      RTF documents. WinHelp2000 layout.

      Generating help files, the Times New Roman font substitutes
      with Arial in some documents, not all.
      Well there is kb doc http://go.adobe.com/kb/ts_799a6b49_en-us,
      but this issue is vice versa. So that solution did not help,
      and generated few error messages. It is not said that for what version
      the solution in kb doc is for. So what could we do now?


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          I have the same issue with RH8 and Windows 7 64 bit.  Did you ever find a solution?

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            RoboAsh Level 2

            Can you please sepcify the creation of topics, seems you have created it through word import?




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              debull Level 1

              I am using Word 2007, Win 7, RH8.  Even when I created a new project

              this happened.  I am also working on older projects created in RH X3,

              with Word 2000 and Win 2000, opening them in the new RH8 system.


              The topic headings were formatted as Heading 1, Arial 14, and were not

              based on Normal, and styles are not set to update automatically.


              Reading Peter Grainge's website in his Snippets, you will find under

              this topic an old message from my co-worker David Hurlston an earlier

              fix that worked with earlier versions of RH.


              I seem to have found a fix for the problem.  It is based on the ImCarol

              post in the above snippet.  I changed the Heading 1 style to MS Mincho

              (did not try other fonts) and compiled.  The new style was in the

              compiled WinHelp, then I changed the style back to Arial 14.  That has

              seemed to fix the problem.


              It is strange that this problem occured even when creating a new project.


              I have also gone through all templates, etc, and made sure that the

              Heading 1 is not based on Normal and is not set to auto update.


              So far, so good, but any insight you have is appreciated.



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                Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

                The snippet referred to is Snippet 51 and it is worth mentioning in this thread that this is a RoboHelp for Word problem.


                Please everyone, always include the version and edition of RoboHelp you are using. For example RoboHelp 9 HTML or RoboHelp for Word 9.


                @debull. Say hello to David for me please.


                See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips



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                  Jugemon76 Level 1

                  Well, our problem was the opposite, as described in the topic. Here is how it was figured out:


                  I tested the files and found a little consistency with the issue. It was strange.
                  This happened within one Word doc.

                  - When the text was justified, the font was Times New Roman, which was correct.
                  - When the text was aligned left, the font substituted with Arial.


                  So the issue occured when converting to Winhelp2000 layout.

                  This behavior couldn't be affected just changing the alignment, nor copying/pasting
                  the justified text, it had to be written again from the beginning. Not very nice
                  solution, when most of the text was aligned "wrong".


                  It couldn't be treated as a bug, since it has happened only once so far, afaik.


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