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    Restarting Adobe AIR Application issue

    dhamu.dharan Level 1

        Restarting an Adobe AIR Application is not working during Silent installation.
        I am using below code for restarting AIR application. It works fine if i have install my application by double click an AIR.
        import mx.core.Application;
        import mx.core.WindowedApplication;
        import adobe.utils.ProductManager;


        public function reStart():void
          var app:WindowedApplication =
          var mgr:ProductManager =
              new ProductManager("airappinstaller");
          mgr.launch("-launch " +
              app.nativeApplication.applicationID + " " +
        But if i have install my AIR application by silent install means restarting AIR application won't work anymore.
        Is it known issue?
        Please suggest something to get out of it?