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    Pause/Resume button




      How to make a pause/resume button in Captivate4? In standart widgets i cant find it....

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          rkarmshil Level 1



          Using captivate's standard interactive objects, you can not achive this. This is because for every interactive objects, we have a default resume. So, even if you use variables to pause the slide, it'll resume after you click the button.


          You can always use the playbar, hide all the other buttons and let play/pause be there. You can edit playbar controls from Project->Skin Editor->Playback Control tab.

          If you dont want to have playbar in your output, then a widget needs to be developed for this.



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            kaskate05 Level 1


            I don't want to use a Playback control tab. Can you explain, how to make a variable for this? I mean, I want create a pause/resume button according to the design of my course...


            btw... variable and widget is the same?

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              rkarmshil Level 1



              No, variables and widgets are not the same.


              Variables are some of the Captivate's (Cp4 to be specific) variables which are available to the user so that he can get some informations, like current slide etc, or he can control Captivates movie like play, pause etc(Please note that pause wont work with interactive objects). You can check these by going to Project->Advanced Actions.


              Widgets are objects which are developed in Flash outside Captivate, which can still use Captivate's variables to control the movie, or getting/setting values. The default widgets which come with Cp4 can be seen in Window->Widget.


              So, for your problem, you should consider getting a widget developed which uses captivates variables(eg rdcmndPause, rdcmndPlay) to control the movie.


              Hope it helps.



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                Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Hi there


                I think it may be an "Actionscript 2" only type of gizmo, but you may find fellow Adobe Community Expert Paul Dewhurst's site to be of use here. He offers a "Pause/Play" gizmo you can add to your project.


                Click here to view


                I used to call Paul's goodies "Widgets", then Captivate began offering official Widgets. So now I just call Paul's goodies "gizmos".


                If you like what you see, drop some change into his tip jar and he will open the magickal world of goodies for your downloading pleasure.


                Cheers... Rick



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