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    Program monitor issue



      I have a strange problem when trimming a clip, usually when starting a trim the program monitor downscales the video so i can se the in and out point frames and also i see a preview of the end and start of the next and previous clips on top.  So in all i see 4 images in all.  My problem is that it all clutters together. in-point is behind out-point and next/previous clip is also behind, it does not downscale properly and become in a "side-by-side" order. I have tried everything, i have a dual monitor setup so I have tried to have the program monitor in an separate monitor and nested within the program interface.. no change.... Is this graphic-card related or is this PPro issued?


      using PPro CS4

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          First look at this link and all the included links, answer the 16 questions at the end of the first link and then restate your problem if it has not been solved.


          Some suggestions

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            Rueberm Level 1

            What tool are you using to trim the clip?  You may want to try and close the program monitor and reset your current workspace.  Windows>Workspace>Reset Current Workspace

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              photopop Level 1

              it does not matter which trimming tool i use...


              I have already tried resetting the workspace, restarting the program/computer...


              it´s a strange problem... they appear as frame on frame all the time. i can see a portion of the inpoint, behind the outpoint and behind that i see the top of next/previous clip.

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                Rueberm Level 1

                It might be a overlay problem (video card).  Do you have a dual monitor system?  If so try putting all of premier on one screen.  If that doesn't work you could try to go to the program monitor output and clicking on playback settings.  On a dual monitor system (if premier is on one screen) you can select your other screen as an output.  If this helps it is a video card issue.  You could try upgrading or downgrading the drivers for a more permanent solution.

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                  photopop Level 1

                  Actually i have a triple monitor system, the third is a Wacom Cintuiq, but what is bothering me is that few days ago everything was fine.  I always have my premiere on the main screen only because other apps, like soundbooth is open on the second monitor.  I will try to se if there is a graphic card upgrade.  I tried going into playback settings and outputting to another monitor without solving the problem....


                  i will try to load a old project to se if it has the same problem.

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                    photopop Level 1

                    allright.. now i have found out why this happens but i do not know what i can do to correct it.  I tried to open an older project and everything looked as it should be so i started looking into what was different with these two projects.  The main difference is that in the on i am working on right now I use proxies files and therefor i have "scale to frame size" turn on, if i turn it off It looks normal when i trim the clips.  If I click it back on, it becomes cluttered again.

                    Is there something I can do so i can work with proxies again without having to deal with this problem.


                    My original files are Canon 5D Mov. footage which i have converted to x264 codec (1920x1080p)

                    my proxies are also in x264 codec but the frame size is 960x540p


                    All material is converted to 25p (not the native 29p) but i don´t think that has anything to do with the issue i am having.  It was not my intent to convert it to 25p, it just happened that way, but since it is like that i also us 25p for the Sequences.

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                      Rueberm Level 1

                      I do not work with proxies at all so I have limited knowledge on this topic.  But you might try bypassing scale to frame all together.  What if you created a project the size of your proxies, edit the project there and then copy and past your final edit into a new project the size of your final output, then relink with the higher res files.  Like I said I have never used them because my computers handle HD just fine.