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    opening protected .dcr files

    elvis is dead Level 1

      I've been supplied with source files from a new client that need alteration. However, when attempting to open the .dcr files, the following message appears:


      "File is protected adn cannot be opened"


      From what I can gather, the files in question (Director 8.5) were saved in such a way that there is no way to open them. I've tried dirOpener, but it fails to even see the files.


      Are there any options for opening or importing them into Director 11.5 short of re-creating them? The projector files are available.




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          josh_chunick Level 1

          That is not a source file. A file with the extension .dir is a source file. The .dcr extension means it's been published to shockwave so it can be run in a browser. I'd go back to the client and either get the source files, cancel the job, or requote with the new info as you'll have to recreate things from scratch.