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    Symbols not shown

    Ramon Kroese

      Can anyone explain why the symbols in the attached pdf file are not visible. The symbol font is installed on my computer. If i use Foxit Reader the symbol with charcode 89 (Y) is shown.




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          pwillener Level 8

          You mention that the font is installed; is this the Adobe Reader font?  You may need to install the Extended Font Pack from this page. Version 9 Font Packs are on this page.

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            Ramon Kroese Level 1

            I do not know if the symbol font is the Adobe Reader font. Is see a SYMBOL.TTF (OpenType, Digitally Signed, TrueTypee Outlines) file and a SYMBOL.FON file in the folder C:\WINDOWS\Fonts


            If have installed the he following fonts for Adobe:
            AGaramond; Myriad; AJenson and Trajan

            Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese and Korean
            Extended Language Font Pack : This Font Pack covers Hebrew, Arabic, Thai, Vietnamese as well as the Eastern and Central European languages (including Cyrillic and Greek scripts).

            The result is the same. The symbol isn't displayed correctly.