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    Caseyscot Level 1



      I apologise in advance for bringing up such an old issue - and I know there is a lot on the net about this issue. But I am really struggling having just upgraded to CS4


      I have projects that were created in After Effects CS3 under OSX Leopard. After much forum reading and hours of experimentation, I managed to adjust all the necessary memory and cache settings so that I could render and preview my projects easily.


      I undersood what was needed and how to adjust the settings if the "Unable to allocate space for image buffer...." error ever returned.


      In AE CS3 - it ALWAYS worked.


      Now I have upgraded to CS4 and Snow Leopard.


      Adobe - in their wisdom - have decided to change the memory and cache settings in the preferences dialogue box. I can no longer adjust the settings as I used to.


      No matter what I do - no matter how I change the settings  - I cannot render my projects.


      Why is this now happening.


      I don't need to upgrade my machine (Mac - Intel 2 x 3ghz Quad core - 12 gig memory)


      Plus the fact that it worked perfectly in AE CS3.


      If anyone knows how to reslove this issue - what settings to play with in AECS4 - I would be so grateful.


      Thanks in advance


      Casey Dobie