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    Camtasia Mac Video flickers with Gaussian Blur

    didgi. Level 1



      i did a couple of screen captures with camtasia mac.I exported my videos as 'uncompressed .mov'files.

      In PP i added these files to my pal 720*576 project.I use anti flicker( 0.5) to get rid of the interlace flicker that appears unless i use anti flicker.

      Anyway so far so good,when i now put Gaussian Blur on my source, the video flickers on my TV.it only flickers when the effect is on.hmmmmmm

      Even if i leave it at its default settings(value=0),it flickers.Whyyyyy???????

      Just to clarify,the video does not flicker without GB and only anti flicker on


      I need GB to blur out some parts of the video.

      if sb can explain this to me,i'd be very happy


      thx in advance