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    system time and timing

      I have a lingo script that listens for events occurring through a third party Xtra. I want to record when those events occur so that I can replay the sequence of events. For example, when the user clicks a start recording button, I'll call that time 0. Every event recorded after that should get indexed from that point. However, _system.time(), as far as I can tell, returns a String, so there's no way to be sure that the arithmetic will work and not return an error. Is there another way to get the system time as a number so that I can count on the computation working?

      on startRecording()
      set startTime to _system.time()

      on eventOccurred()
      set eventTime to _system.time() - startTime

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          You can use 'the milliseconds' to time things. At the start (your time
          0 scenario), find out what the milliseconds is. Then subtract the
          current milliseconds from that to find out when each action happened

          global gTimeCount

          on startRecording
          gTimeCount=the milliseconds

          on eventOccurred
          eventTime=the milliseconds-gTimeCount
          --store this value somewhere

          Just remember to multiply by 1000 to get the value in seconds if you
          need it.