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    Installation without Administrator Privileges


      Hi All


      From what I can gather from AIR documentation, one cannot install or update AIR, or install or update AIR applications without administrator privileges.


      We roll out applications to hundreds of medium size businesses (dealerships) and this represents a huge problem as most employees at these companies do not have admin rights.  None of these sites has automated network installs, and all have different situations regarding IT support.


      Our current desktop application requires no admin privileges and introducing the AIR portion of our product has caused a big snag.


      Is there any way to get around this?  Are future versions going to support some way of doing this?


      We would probably be ok if we had to do one administrator install of AIR and the app,  if further application updates did not require admin rights.





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          kennyjay Level 1

          bump to this thread.  Still no answer to this question.


          I'm hoping that there me be some workaround to the current update process, which I have verified for myself that it always requires an admin password for AIR runtime and application updates.   Or, if Adobe can tell me something in the pipeline that might help.



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            mattdh666 Level 1

            Another bump to this thread...


            This problem is also going to cause us a lot of grief. We have Enterprise users on various Windows platforms, and we are going to distribute an AIR application to ~8,000 of them. I don't mind wrapping the initial AIR application installation inside an SMS package -- although I'd rather have users install the AIR app from a website.


            But by not allowing non-admin users to update this AIR application using the AIR Update Framework, Adobe is forcing us to create a new SMS package every time we want to update this AIR application. This is huge. It seems that the AIR Update Framework offers little value to a serious Enterprise...


            Does anyone know any hacks or workarounds for this problem?



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              Joe ... Ward Level 4

              An update is potentially as serious a security risk as an installation. Enterprises put in restrictions requiring admin priviledges for very good reasons. If AIR were to bypass these restrictions, it would probably be banned by these same Enterprises.


              We are considering a feature for a future release that would allow IT to bless an application so that it can be updated without an admin login, but that won't happen in the near term.

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                mattdh666 Level 1

                Exactly. A feature that allows Enterprise IT to "bless" an AIR application would be great. The AIR Update Framework is such a great feature. I hate the fact that I cannot use it on my largest AIR installations. That means more expense for us, and our desktop engineering jobs are safe...


                From my understanding, the AIR Update Framework already ensures that the digital certificate in an update matches the digital certificate of the installed app. This guarantees that the update came from the same trusted publisher of the app. Very nice.


                I think I also read somewhere that on Windows, AIR apps are always installed in the "All Users" profile -- both file system and Registry. An option to install an AIR app in a user's profile would also work for us, if that helps.


                So even if we have to SMS the initial application install (with our production digital certificate), allowing the app to update itself would save us a lot of time, effort, money, headaches, etc...