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    Highlight Box with Paintbrush


      I'm trying to do some animation in Flash, and for some reason, just out of the blue, I managed to switch on the highlight box that turns up around all marks you make with the paintbrush. I found the option in the preferences window to change the colour, so I swapped it to the background colour so the box is slightly less intrusive, but it's still pretty distracting when im trying to draw. How do I turn it off?



      EDIT: Also I have noticed i can only 'fill' a shape with the fill tool if it was a complete shape made with a single line. So for example if i were to draw a circle and then in my second brushstroke i were to draw a line across the centre and then apply the fill/paintbucket tool to the circle, it would fill the entire circle rather than the section before where the line crossed it. Is this related to the 'box' issue?