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    Problem with fonts when reading PDFs



      I have just updated my PC to Windows 7 and Adobe Reader 9.2.

      When I open PDF files I've previously viewed OK they now are shown with Adobe fonts.

      Some always, some may be OK the first time but not subsequently and some don't have the problem.

      I assume the ones that are OK were produced with a different PDF creator package?

      What's changed in Adobe 9/Windows 7?


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          Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

          PDFs are supposed to be platform independent, so if the fonts have been properly embedded, you should not have any problem in any system/platform.

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            mynzapint Level 1

            Thanks for taking the time to answer Claudio.


            I understand what you are saying but these documents are ones I've been accessing every week for the last year and have only just started getting the problem.

            I also notice that the ones that I don't have a problem with were created with a different program, earlier than the others as the guy who produces them had changed the program he uses.


            If I haven't already said, I have successfully opened one of the problem ones and it was OK, closed it and re-opened it and I get the Abobe font instead of the Times New Roman.