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    Problems with FLV on two different servers


      Hello all,


      I am using an embedded FLV player on a site. On one site it is working fine, but they FLV's won't play on the other site. The files are identical. I set up a test file that points to the various player files (flvplayer.swf and swfobject.js) and then the FLV. I can switch between the two FLV files and the one will play and the other won't. It's not the FLV itself as I've done several tests with different files. It's not the player that I can tell as it works fine on both servers. It's something with the server settings and how it serves up FLV's.


      Is there a specific port that needs to be opened? I just took a look and suprise, suprise, the server on the faulty side is running IIS. The working server is Apache.


      Thanks for any help. This is a really frustrating problem.