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    Weird recent behavior in Flex display




         I have a Flex- based application that I have built using Flex Builder 3. Flex Builder 3 has a number of things that I would like to later discuss, but for now I am experiencing a critical problem:


         I began working on this application (which is actiually a suite of  4 Web 2.0 applications) almost 6 months ago, and I used Flex Builder to create the HTML templates that I use for deploying the applications. For several months I have been deploying the application on Tomcat without problems. I am able to write my .mxml files in Flex Builder, and for testing purposes I ran Tomcat locally from within Flex Builder to make sure that my apps talked to it properly (I am using E4X to pass XML between my servlets and my Flex application(s). For various reasons, using Adobe's BlazeDS is not an option.


         In any event, I have been bouncing between 3 environments: the "regular" Flex development environment where I put together the RIA portions of my applications, a local testing environment that runs within Flex Builder but allows me to test everything within Tomcat, and a deployment environment where I have a pla,ce to actually deploy my application(s).


         Everything was going well until this morning. This morning, I was finally comnpleting the finishing touches on the last app in the suite when suddenly all those pages where I had Flex applications running started to go blank! The applications run well within the development environment, but now when I do a deploy I get a blank page. It is looking as if for some reason the Flash Player is not loading and executing the .swf file.


         This problem happens consistantly in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. I am using IE 8 and Firefox 3.5.3.


         At first I thought there was something going on with the generated HTML that Flex Builder created. But I hadn't changed those files in months!

      I had been editing my ,mxml and ActionScript files recently, and I suspect that I had done something to cause the Javascript to fail to work with the .swf files. For the life of me, I cannot think what that something could have been.


         Has anyone seen this problem before? Does anyone have any insights as to what would cause this proiblem?


         someone please advise. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.




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          rgadiparthi Level 2


          try clearing your browser cache.

          or Use firefox firebug and see the request and response messages.

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            levancho Level 3

            How are you embeding  generated swf File? using default Flex template?


            can you post content of html file that creates swf file?

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              Flex harUI Adobe Employee

              One test would be to create another project with "Hello World" and swap its SWF in for the one that isn't working.  That will give you an idea of it is HTML/Browser-related or app-related.


              Another test is to comment out large sections of the app.


              Hopefully you use source control so it is easy to rollback to previous changes/versions.


              Alex Harui

              Flex SDK Developer

              Adobe Systems Inc.

              Blog: http://blogs.adobe.com/aharui

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                FactorThree Level 1

                Greetings, all:


                   Thanks for the replies, and apologies for not getting back to people sooner. I have been busy deployiong other (flex) apps and setting up an environmernt for working on this problem.


                   In any event: I have set up a local test environment that enables me to create a deployment and run it on a local Tomcat server. I also found an older version of the application that actually worked without problems before.


                   I am currently running tests, using Firebug (as suggested) to look at what is happening. I have also swapped in and out enough of the .SWF files and the .HTML files to determine that whatever is causing the blank pages has something to do with my .SWF file. It turns out that my HTML files are not effecting anything (they were generated by Builder anyway, so I am not surprised to see that older versions of the HTML file which worked well with old SWF files show blank pages when used with new .SWF files).


                   I am in the process of doing more testing so I cannot say much more. I will return when I have more useful information...

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                  FactorThree Level 1



                     I think I have found a big part of the problem.


                     The system seems to be failing to find a "crossdomain.xml" file on my system, despite the fact that this file exists on my system.


                     Can someone tell me how to make the application actually find my crossdomain.xml file?

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                    levancho Level 3

                    Place it under root of your domain


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