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    No idea how to use Firework


      Hello,  My daughter provided me with a mac laptop and it has Firework install on it.  I have no idea how to use it.  The program does even open.  I click on the  icon to start it and  no interface appears  I see the menus for the program  but nothing else appears on the  desktop.  At first this wasn't a problem be cause Ididn't think I would have a use for it.  However I'm planning on by a website template And one of the software requirements is for Firework to edit the log.  The version I have  is   The program use to not open at all, it would just crash and ask me if i wanted to send a measage to adobe.  now it opens  but like I said no interface.  All my other programs work  fine on the lap top which is a MAC OS X version 10.5.6 133 GHz processor and 512MB of memory.  Any insight would be great and also if there are any basic tutorials on the software you could guide me to.