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    strange screen resolution behavior


      When I open PDF files made from scanned documents, I get the

      following mysterious behavior: When such a file, let's call it scan.pdf, is opened for the first time, before

      the PDF reader is already running, the screen that comes up has fuzzy text,

      almost unreadable for many documents unless I magnify the page several times.

      However, if the adobe reader is already running (say some other document is already open

      in another window), and I now open scan.pdf in another reader window, it looks

      much better (no fuzziness beyond what is inherent in the original scanned file's resolution). If

      I now close the other window, scan.pdf still looks good (no change). But if I close the reader

      completely and reopen scan.pdf again, I get the same fuzzy appearance back.


      Does anyone have an idea what gives?


      I am running Vista SP2, NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT, with a Dell 3007WFPHC monitor.

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          Suddenly every PDF I open on either my main or secondary screen has fuzzy text (poor resolution).  I'm running Windows 7 and using CutePDFwriter to create PDF's.    Photos, however are clear as a bell.  I have checked checked for updates, on both Reader and Cute..." and checked the control panel settings for both screens.  With everything up to date, I'm wondering why.  As recently as last week there was no problem.  Any idea what gives?