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    Audio Stream Problem


      Hello - I'm exporting little movies to QuickTime with a DV-Pal codec. Theys eem to emerge with two differnt audio streams, onesays it the First Audio Stream at 1Hz and 3 channels and the other is the second, 2 channels PCM. Problem is, it won't work on Sprenson squeeze. Why are there two different audio streams, what are they, and can I get rid of the first one..??





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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Sorry for the late reply, but I was out of town when you posted, and then just missed it.


          In your Export settings, exactly what are you using for Audio? It is likely that there is something wrong there.


          I do find your results odd, and will look forward to seeing those settings.


          Good luck,



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            DavidTylerPozz Level 1

            Aww, do you know, I tried so many different things that I ran out of options and bought premiere pro - which works like a charm and actually allows me to export directly to flvs anyway...


            So sledgehammer to crack a sledge.


            But thanks ever so for trying to look into it for me...


            All the best







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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Well, as one who uses PrPro mostly, I do not think that you will be disappointed. As of CS4.1, more FLV has been added. This is a good thing, as CS4 would not work with the Moyea FLV Importer, which worked so well with PrPro 2.0 and CS3.


              One tip to pass on: many PrPro CS4 users seem to really like a program, F4V (or very similar). I have not used it, but those users rave about it.


              See ya' on the CS4 forum,




              Again - apologize for the late response.