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    AE CS4 Hangs with BeachBall on clean install of OSX 10.6.1

    Houghton Media

      After running all updates for CS4 and OSX Snow Leopard I am having a repeatable problem with AE CS4.  Whenever I load a recent project I've been working on that is admittedly complex, AE will hang with the beachball once all items are loaded. Another variant of this problem seems to happen when I begin relocating and linking source files. On a certain QT file (CODEC: animation with alpha, lossless) it will do the same thing but not on all QTs of the same variety. Has anyone else encountered this?


      I have since re-installed the OSX 10.6.1 fix as well as the Snow Leopard backward compatible version of QT 7 with no change.


      System Stats:


      OSX 10.6.1

      16 GB RAM

      2x 2.26 Quad Core Nehalem Xeon

      AE CS4 9.0.2

      Both Quicktime X and 7 on.


        Any help or insight would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.