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    Keyword sort option...


      It would be VERY helpful if you could have the option of having the keywords in the metadata sorted alphabetically along with an option that they are left alone in the order that you pick them (or manually add and edit them) and not be sorted.  I am not talking about the xml file that contains the keywords (in Bridge) just the keyword field in the metadata itself.


      Many stock agencies require that the keywords appear in the keyword field in order of importance with the most important keywords being first.  Currrently we have to dump the keywords and reenter them manually to get them in the right order.



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          AlexMxi Level 1

          Speaking of metadata editing I want to raise my points again.

          - Spellchecker with customizable dictionary for keywords would be very appreciated.

          - Larger keyword input box, resizable along with the metadata editing window.

          - Would like to see shortcuts Ctrl+Ins and Shift+Ins working again.

          - One mouse click - 'Select all' is not very convenient. The old way was better.

          - Drop down list on click at the right side of the title and the description showing previously entered values (CS3 way) in addition to CS4 drop down list when entering data.


          Spellchecker is the most wanted though.


          Thank you!

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            AlexMxi Level 1

            And please make Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+A work again in metadata editor!