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    color issue in AE cs4 please help


      hi, i am in after effects, i color correct a clip in color finesse,

      and later i export the clip as a quicktime H264 mov file, and i notice that when i play that quicktime mov h264 file in the quicktime player outside of after effects, the contrast looks less, more washed out than it looked in after effects,


      in after effects all looked more contrasty and intense, and then the exported file looks weaker, is this a problem of my settings in after effects? of the quicktime player? of the color management settings? (which i leave turned off), of the initial color space and gamma i picked in the raw settings?


      i use AE CS4,

      color management is turned off

      the footage im working with is RED Camera footage, R3D, and i use color finesse 2.1 for the color correction,

      OS is windows vista


      thank you very much for any advice jav