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    Becoming a color pro (more knowledgable)

    TF22Raptor2 Level 1

      Hi all,Just wondering if any color experts out there can recommend any good resources (books/website) on how I can become more knowledgeable to identifying color.


      For example when I look at a particular color I'd love to be able to have the knowledge to identify exactly what color that is EG. Instead of orange, but ble to identify Coral etc



      I have the colorstrology iphone app but it's just a calendar app with colors randomly assorted throughout the months which makes it hard to study.


      Any help would be great

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          You might find Color: A course In Mastering The Art Of Mixing Colors by Betty Edwards helpful.  As the title suggests, it's oriented toward painters who are mixing colors, but most of the book is useful for anyone interested in color.


          I'm no expert, so I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has other or better suggestions.